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Ghostbusters™ Q4 2019 Update

This has been a great year for our GHOSTBUSTERS brand. Some long-awaited items have shipped and the most exciting of which was the Proton pack kits. For those that purchased, everyone here wants to thank you for sending us pictures of your completed kits, they look amazing and we are excited that our proton packs are now on the backs of such devoted fans.

A few products remain unfulfilled and I wanted to tell you what is going on with them. 

Q1 - January, February, March
Q2 - April, May, June
Q3 - July, August, September
Q4 - October, November, December


GHOSTBUSTERS™: Spengler Legacy Proton Pack 

The decision to create this highly detailed and accurate replica was an easy decision to make, as everyone here wants one of their own. The attention to detail that is painstakingly put into hand assembling these replicas is proving to be a very time consuming process. We have brought new eyes to the table and are excited at how things are getting back on track. Yet, this is not a simple build and truly unique from any other offering we have ever attempted before.

We humbly ask that you hold fast while we spend more time to complete these properly. Our current estimation is that this will take us into next year to do it justice and deliver. We know this is a lot to ask of you and we wish we didn’t have to. But to get this hero pack at the quality you expect from ANOVOS, this is the only course ahead. Our new time table is Q3 2020.

GHOSTBUSTERS™: Jumpsuit Uniform

Let us first apologize for not getting these delivered alongside our Proton Pack Kits as had been expected. We know the two are a perfect pair and sincerely want you to know we are dedicated to getting the second half of your costume out to you as quickly as possible. 

This Jumpsuit was moved to a different overseas manufacturer which is more adept at handling these types of garment projects. The reality here is that the production of our soft goods is proving to be more of a queue and less of a “make everything at once” sort of supply line. We want to extend our thanks and appreciation for your patience. The path forward for these jumpsuits is not one we anticipated, but at the end of the day we feel was the best one for this product. 

Overall we are trying to give as accurate a delivery date as we can, given the change in manufacturer. The delivery delay on these items is now Q2 2020. 

Charlie // Director of Customer Experience

For inquiries and questions regarding our products, head to our Customer Support Page.

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