To our faithful fans:

As we close in on the final weeks of the Ghostbusters Spengler Legacy Proton Pack Project, we’ve certainly enjoyed managing this project from day one. We want to thank all of the steadfast fans who have waited for this collectible, and we're excited to see orders shipping out every day. After a year like 2020, this endeavor has come to symbolize more than just a normal project. 

It has been an uncertain path, but an unwavering goal for a small Texas shop that has had to deal with losses from Covid-19, uneven production lines, and an overall crazy year in general. 

This project has been both rewarding and challenging on so many levels, and we have chronicled part of this journey in “Ghostbusters Spengler Legacy : Valves and Fittings, Oh My!”

Our goal from the start has been to cut no corners and bring you the prop that we saw on our first day at the Archives. We sourced as many original parts as we could, and when not available, sought out a custom machined option. We are so proud of the final product, but we’ve come to a resound conclusion from this long journey: This will be the only production run.  

Not only was this one of the most challenging props we’ve ever assembled, we feel that what this project has endured this year has also come to symbolize a resolve far stronger than any other prop we’ve created. Thus, the Spengler Legacy Proton Pack will join the archives of one-of-a-kind, best in class collectible props found in the collections of the lucky few who were in the right place, at the right time. We have promised to bring you the most quintessential iconic Ghostbusters replica to have ever existed, and the very best ANOVOS TX has ever offered. 

To be fair to those that were expecting future waves, we have temporarily reopened reservations for this prop while supplies last. In order to be as transparent as possible, we want to be clear that very limited spots are left available. Remaining inventory is sold as a first come first serve until exhausted. This is a true opportunity within your grasp. 

Additionally, because of the escalating costs towards the end of production, we are looking at a possible price increase for the remaining inventory. If inventory lasts that long, we will make an announcement just before that change is decided. 

We cannot stress enough that once sold out, this replica will no longer be available because these molds will have been retired for good. If you wish to count yourself among the few to own this iconic ultimate collectible, Don’t Wait. 

Be sure to claim yours NOW!