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First Order Stormtrooper Standard Line Shipping Clarification

Thank you for the tremendous reaction to the pre-order of our latest Star Wars™ costume, the First Order Stormtrooper Standard Line Armor Kit. In response to the unpredictability of future shipping costs, both domestic and international, we have decided to invoice all shipping and handling costs for this item at the time the product is physically available and ready for shipment.

Additionally, we are working towards new shipping options that are aimed at substantially reducing costs for our overseas customers by shipping from international distribution centers around the world, rather than passing all items through our U.S.-based facilities.

That said, if you have already placed your pre-order and were already charged a shipping and handling fee, our customer service team will be contacting you to process a refund for the shipping charges on your pre-order. If you selected a Payment Plan option, your shipping is invoiced at the end of the payment schedule by default.

Remember that we always stand by our “Golden Rule” policy which recognizes your ownership of money during a pre-order, allowing you to request a full refund at any time before your item ships. Secondly, should you not agree to the shipping quotes or a solution cannot be found, we are happy to also refund your money, at your request.

For the First Order!



Anovos Productions LLC September 22, 2016 0 tags (show)