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Everyone LOVES the Darmok Jacket

Captain Picard’s Favorite Jacket is arriving now across the Federation!

We're continuing to ship out our new STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION "Darmok" Captain Picard Jackets, and the response has been extraordinary!

 Shoulder detail of David Corby’s “Darmok” Jacket.  

As soon as the first few arrived at their new homes we started seeing photos, and messages from our fellow fans & friends who were already starting to rock their jackets even in this summer weather.

 Professor Barry Rice in his “Darmok” Captain Picard Uniform.

It turns out that it's a good lightweight leather jacket to have on any away team mission.

  Captain Beth Salvia observing Mexican Free-tailed Bats in her Starfleet Uniform.

And that’s precisely how this particular uniform piece was designed to be worn.

TNG's Emmy Award Winning costume designer, Robert Blackman intended the Captain's new uniform to be something that would work in any environment, especially off ship on an unexplored planet.
Captain Picard "Darmok" Uniform Jacket

Captain Picard "Darmok" Uniform Jacket


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Adam Savage, wearing his Capt. Picard “Darmok” jacket in the cave.  

At the start of Season 5 Patrick Stewart's Captain Picard was going to be a more action oriented character than in the previous seasons, and needed a new costume that would serve as a dashing counterpart to the two piece standard duty uniform he'd been accustomed to. TNG producer David Livingston once observed that, "The genesis of the design was that submarine and aircraft commanders sometimes have a jacket that's special."

And it is special. I'll admit all the years we spent in the 24th century - from "Next Gen" to "Picard" - THIS jacket is my favorite costume piece.

There's just something so cool about it. The way it drapes...the way it's instantly recognizable as a Starfleet Uniform, but pull the combadge off, and it's STILL a great looking jacket! 

It also served as "proof of concept" for the future uniforms Mr. Blackman would design for STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT & for Deep Space Nine. Seriously. Look at the two jackets side by side and note the similarities. This jacket wasn't just something from the future, it pointed the way to the future. Kinda cool if you think about it. A costume from Star Trek echoing exactly what Star Trek is really all about. Entertaining us now, while showing us a future we can have. 

Close-up of Nick Cook’s Captain’s Jacket with his STAR TREK: GENERATIONS com-badge.

John Cooley 
John Cooley is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.  

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