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DISCOVERY Uniforms | Quality at its Finest

Quality at its Finest 

It has now been close to a year since we officially shifted our Star Trek: Discovery Uniform product to our stateside facility in Texas. Due to the pandemic and overseas trade grinding to a halt, we had no choice but to take the product into our own hands. Even more challenging was the fact that we had to re-source everything from local vendors. Effectively restarting the whole project from scratch - despite charting out countless hours & effort in establishing our overseas manufacturing process. 

Now that shipping has begun, it's time to take a small breath and reflect. To us here in Texas, this product has meant so much more than any other ANOVOS product. This, and a few other projects, represent a sort of "Anti-2020." Despite the pandemic, and all the other things that 2020 ended up costing all of us - the Discovery uniform stood testament to what we were never going to give up: Quality. 

Having seen every Star Trek product we’ve produced, I can say with confidence this is one of our finest, if not THE finest (alongside the wool elastique Wrath of Khan Monster Maroon) uniform this company has ever produced! From the asymmetrical zipper to the metallic elements - the complexity of this replica is unparalleled. And most importantly, the customer reviews that we have received have been truly inspiring to all of us here at ANOVOS - especially our Texas Team who produced it! This is the story of how we got here :

Pattern and Research:

It all started in the very cold city of Toronto (pre-Covid of course) where we met with Gersha Phillips and the talented team responsible for costume design for Star Trek: Discovery. The team explained every detail of their suits and immediately outlined what to watch out for in the manufacturing process. We didn’t realize it at the time, but this info would be priceless. From there, we scanned in the official patterns used on the show, both male and female. What struck us immediately was that the organic shapes of the patterns were not your standard cuts and curves. Yet somehow, this costume design team had created a beautifully cohesive outfit, something that no amount of pictures or reference could have ever gleaned. Rest assured, there is no replica ever closer than this costume, simply because of these organic shapes.

Print Pattern and “Puff”:

One of the major warnings that we received from the team was about finding a patient screen printer. We were curious as to what this meant and, sure enough, we soon found out. After approaching no less than twenty local screen printers all over Texas, the one that stuck by us and ultimately discovered the perfect mix of paint, metallics, and “puff” additive was literally our neighbors, a five minute walk away. After a seemingly endless combination of different variables, we landed on our final combination...but would it stand up to the final test of cleaning (machine washing, no less)? To our surprise and relief, it passed with no signs of cracking in the printed deltas & stripes and just as importantly no fabric shrinkage.

Zippers...who knew?!

The last hurdle we were warned about were the zippers. Zippers...really? How hard could it be? Yeah, it turned out to be one of the most challenging endeavors of the production. The original zippers used on the costumes were both cost prohibitive and not accessible, and we needed to find a method that matched our delta’s while withstanding wear and tear. After numerous aggravating failures, and in the literal last minute before shipment, we put together a formula that combined a basic screen printed vinyl, adhesives and steady hand cutting (literally, with a razor) that yielded the best looking and most durable zipper ever installed in our uniforms.



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