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Baseball and Star Trek: These are Two of My Favorite Things!

There are few items of clothing that I put on with as much pride as a Starfleet Uniform. However, one of those items is something I wear so often that it could be considered part of my daily ensemble—a baseball cap. The cap I wear represents my favorite team playing the sport I love, Baseball, and you can almost always find me wearing one.

John Cooley

I am a baseball fan through-and-through, and I suppose there’s an unspoken tribal pride associated with the wearing of a baseball cap when you truly love the game. Even Captain Sisko wears a San Francisco Giants cap at the beginning of “Take Me Out To The Holosuite.” Do you suppose that team’s cap was a choice made by Ben Sisko or Avery Brooks? I have a feeling it’s a little of both.

Baseball caps can be a utilitarian item; just a simple hat you wear to protect your head and eyes on a sunny day, or it can also convey meaning. I wear my favorite cap nearly every day to display my affection for and allegiance to my favorite baseball team (Let’s Go Os!).

Only right now, the cap I’m wearing belongs to my favorite fictional baseball team in the Alpha Quadrant, and their home games are played aboard the Deep Space Nine station. Go NINERS!

Perhaps it’s no surprise then, that one of my favorite episodes of DS9 is “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.” The only other thing that comes close to my love for Star Trek is my love of baseball. And so, when the NINERS took to the field for the very first time I remember thinking, “I want their uniforms! I want a NINERS cap!” Apparently, I wasn't the only one. Fans at Star Trek Las Vegas would always ask us if we’d ever make anything from “that baseball episode.” Well, considering we just celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of DS9 and baseball season just stepped up to bat, what better time to show off your NINERS pride?

This is the ANOVOS Deep Space Nine NINERS Baseball Cap from our Shore Leave Collection! This is an official replica of the player’s On-Field fitted ball-cap worn by the NINERS during “Home” games! Moreover, this cap isn’t one of those inexpensive, adjustable, “Stadium Giveaway” souvenir caps. This cap is the equivalent of professional level on-field ball-caps. It’s a flex-fit cap, meaning that it has a fitted appearance while still allowing each of the three sizes (small, medium, large) to cover multiple head sizes.

The ANOVOS product development team thoroughly researched the classic navy blue caps (with 90s era gray under brims) worn by the NINERS humanoid team members during their historic game versus the T’Kumbra Logicians. As part of our research, CBS provided us with the original team logos and wordmarks (designed by fellow baseball fan and DS9 production designer Doug Drexler) to ensure that our replica caps were as faithful to the originals as possible.

We even went as far as creating a stitch-by-stitch template for our cap manufacturer to recreate the texture and color gradient of the original cap’s symbol into the modern embroidery found on our NINERS Baseball Cap. Finally, trying to hit this one out of the park—we made subtle improvements for comfort and attractiveness surpassing the original caps used twenty years ago to bring our cap in line with the ballcaps worn by professional baseball teams today.

I said before that there’s an almost tribal pride in wearing the ballcap of your favorite team. I suppose that could be doubly true where this cap is concerned. Could there be a better symbol (hats off to Doug) than the one on this cap? I love the image of the Deep Space Nine station and a baseball flying together in space—it’s perfect. To me, that symbol represents a shared love—freedom and fun, fandom and friendship, baseball and Star Trek.

Live long, and play ball!


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