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AT-AT Driver, Darth Vader, and Desert Stormtrooper Helmets (Fulfillment Update)

Hello again!

I’m pleased to notify you that we are in the process of having completed units of the following Classic Star Wars helmets inbound to us: AT-AT Driver, Darth Vader, and Desert Stormtrooper (a.k.a. “Sandtrooper”).

AT-AT Driver HelmetDarth Vader HelmetSandtrooper Helmet

We anticipate fulfillment to occur within Q3 2019 (July 2019 through September 2019).

Our shipping container is now being packed, and once it has been fully loaded and is en route to the freight vessel (and we have firm quantity numbers of what is on-board), we’ll begin reaching out to customers individually to confirm shipping information, etc.

Thank you for your patience!

J. James, Operations Coordinator

Anovos Productions LLC May 16, 2019 0 tags (show)


Camilo Cantu

Camilo Cantu said:

How about the Luke Skywalker helmets? Anything on when they will be shipping? Been waiting over a year!

J. James

J. James said:

Hello Camilo! Working on an update on the Luke Skywalkers for you! When that’s been finalized, it’ll be published just like this update was!

Cheers! – J. James

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