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A Vulcan Solution to my Baseball Dilemma

So Baseball season is in full swing⚾(Pun Intended),

and it's my favorite time of year! 

Except... I'm really the only Baseball fan in our household.

Oh, my daughter LOVES going to the occasional game (and can even keep a scorecard better than I can), but when it comes to watching or listening to games at home I'm often all by myself. 

That usually means listening to ballgames via the app on my phone through my airpods.

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Those poor pods get a workout. 

I use them for work all day - everyday , and I occasionally forget to charge them as they're always in my ears while their case lives in my pocket. 

The other day I'm preparing dinner and listening to a game - in a particularly tense inning (our pitcher had gotten himself into a real jam, loading up the bases while giving the game away with three unearned runs) when my pods died. The volume on my phone jumped up to compensate for the death of my pods, and I got withering looks from my wife and daughter who were enjoying an "HSD" (their abbreviation for the film genre called "High School Drama"). 

I couldn't leave the kitchen, I couldn't ask them to stop their film. 

Thinking fast, my daughter runs to my office and returns with my Vulcan Earbuds.

"Officer thinking, little one!" 

I pop our facsimile of Mr. Spock's ears on to my own, just in time to hear that our manager had apparently woken up, and pulled the beaten pitcher. With the bleeding staunched we rallied, tied it up, and won the game in the 11th! 🙌

The bullpen had saved the game, just as my daughter (with some help from Mr. Spock) had saved the day for me!

All in all, a quite logical solution to a problem I have all the time. 

In fact, from now on I think I'll keep this pair of Vulcan earbuds at the ready just in case they're needed in an emergency situation.


John Cooley May 24, 2021 7 tags (show)