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A Closer Look at the Famous GHOSTBUSTERS “No-Ghost Patch”

The “No-Ghost” symbol and its use is something the Ghostbusters took very seriously. The ghost surrounded by the ‘NO’ symbol was originally designed for the film production in 1983 by the original art director for the prestigious "National Lampoon" magazine, Michael C. Gross.

This Classic GHOSTBUSTERS uniform accessory was recreated using reference and measurements taken from the original uniforms seen on-screen in Ivan Reitman's dramatization of the crew’s first paranormal adventure, "Ghostbusters."

Original Ghostbusters Name Tapes and Patches

We at ANOVOS studied the screen used patches which are still sewn to the original costume jumpsuits worn by Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd. What we found was that no two patches looked alike as they had all been hand stitched back in 1983. The embroidery was irregular with a loose stitch typical of patches made on a manually operated embroidery machine. Another surprising discovery we made was that the white background and the "body" of the ghost in the logo was not embroidered at all, but is in fact white felt similar to vintage varsity letterman patches.

Original Ghostbusters Screen-used Patch

Having examined original patches from the film, our design team set to work recreating the artwork used to create the replica. Not an easy task, as again none of the handmade patches from the film matched each other, nor did they match the line art version of the logo used for the movie posters and promotional materials. So we took the best looking aspects of both the Murray and Aykroyd uniform patches, and merged them into one patch that represented "the" uniform logo as intended and designed by Mr. Gross.

Ghostbusters Patch Comparison

The result is nothing less than the definitive iteration of the patch worn by the original Ghostbusters. ANOVOS found the perfect weight white felt backing material, while the embroidery stitch pattern and thread colors have been exactingly replicated from the original patches.

ANOVOS Ghostbusters Patch

It's our hope that whether you're thinking of opening up your own Ghostbusters franchise, or simply want a memento of our historic first adventure in midtown, that you'll enjoy wearing this patch.  

Are you bored with your life? Are you tired of the same old routine? Have you or any of your family ever been troubled by a spook, specter or ghost?
If the answer is yes, then don't wait another minute. You too can have an exciting, rewarding career as a GHOSTBUSTER!

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