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What's with the Waiting Time and Why Buy Early?

As a customer of ANOVOS, you are a fan just like we are. Together, we've all wanted to have a piece of the franchises we love, whether it be Star Wars™Star Trek™, Battlestar Galactica™ or Ghostbusters™. More importantly, though, you've believed in our brand and products and you've made this dream come alive as our company celebrates its fifth year of business.
Your support helps bring ANOVOS products to life and wanted to take a moment to explain to you how this business is probably different than any other you've purchased from. Even though our manufacturing time is typically the same as any other company (generally about a year-long process), our relative wait time is seemingly "longer." This is solely because, unlike other companies, we choose to bring you in at the earliest stages of prototyping, rather than the inventory/stock phase of sales. We do this because, first and foremost, it gives you, the loyal fans, the best possible price (see next paragraph for a full explanation). Secondly, because you dictate the demand of a product, we minimize our risk of a bloated inventory and use the saved dollar to bring even more awesome product to you. We use this method because everyone seems to win. Our most loyal customers receive the best price (instead of clearances and sales of excess inventory) and we get to make more product that might otherwise never come to fruition! 
Here's how our pricing works: Those fans who pre-order at this early stage (Tier 1) will obviously have the longest wait until fulfillment, so we reward that faith with the absolute best discount possible. Those who pre-order after Tier 1 will have a shorter wait until fulfillment, but they will also pay a higher price. When a product is further along the production cycle, an "Initial Public Offering" price is put into place. This IPO price is locked in for a specific amount of time before the MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Pricing) may cause prices to fluctuate.
In short, investors who are willing to wait longer and build dream projects together get the best pricing. 
But that's not all... you are entitled to know just how your money is being spent! Due to the large array of projects and the influx of new customers, we've identified the necessity of rising to the challenge of effectively communicating the status of projects that you have invested in---and there are a lot of them in the works right now. Our goal is to provide regular updates for those who have pre-ordered. These updates will primarily occur through the ANOVOS newsletters, but we will also endeavor to share news via our social media channels as well. In fact, we've taken steps to actually assign individuals to specific projects, providing a new level of accountability to get you the "news" as it happens. Furthermore, we are going to be more clear about realistic delivery times up front---projects will have a one year minimum production timeline. Of course, we will always do our best to get things done sooner rather than later as long as it does not sacrifice quality.
You are not forgotten and you are our number one priority! Thank you from the entire ANOVOS family for building this dream together.

And, as always, should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team by clicking here!
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