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Standard vs Premier Kylo Ren Helmet


What is the difference between the Premier and Standard Line versions of the STAR WARS™: THE FORCE AWAKENS Kylo Ren™ helmet?

The Standard Line is made from lightweight injection-molded ABS plastic, featuring crisp detailing throughout, along with an adjustable interior padding system. Because of the weight and economical pricing, this is a great costuming helmet option.

The Premier Line production run will be less units and will command enhanced features such as fiberglass construction, and a fully finished lined interior with adjustable padding. The paint application may also give the Premier helmet a slightly different texture than the Standard Line version. This helmet will be heavier, and feel more "real world."

When it comes to consistency, the machine-driven injection-molding process used on the Standard Line offers precise details with very little variance from helmet to helmet. Everything from the sizing of the helmets to the way that its parts fit together is much more predictable. With the Premier Line helmets, you will find more variance as each is essentially a unique hand-made work of art.

Will both versions always be available or is this a limited time offering?

The Standard Line helmet is available until the pre-order window closes (generally when product is about to ship and we disable new sales in order to guarantee enough stock for exchanges, etc.). While available separately when initially released, the Premier Line helmet is now only available when purchased with the full Kylo Ren costume ensemble.

Can I upgrade from the Standard Line helmet to the Premier Line helmet after pre-order, or vice versa?

Until your initial pre-order has shipped, our customer support team can modify your order to another product and apply credits or invoice you for the difference. You would need to open a support ticket to initiate the upgrade.

Will you offer a "do it yourself" kit version of the Kylo Ren helmet?

We have no plans at this time to offer this helmet in kit form.

When will your STAR WARS items be available in other countries (like Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland)?

We are working on this with the licensor and, when we have added certain regions or countries to our sphere of influence, we’ll make the appropriate announcements via our newsletter, website and social media outlets. The best way to obtain updates would be to sign up to our newsletter: 

When will you be offering additional product from STAR WARS : THE FORCE AWAKENS?

While we’re not at liberty to discuss specifics to future product releases until cleared to do so, all we can tell you is that any cleared product will be announced via our newsletter, website, and social media outlets. As always, the best way to obtain updates would be to sign up to our newsletter:

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