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Welcome to ANOVOS 3.0

Welcome to the new 3.0!

Taking into account years of customer feedback and our own experience in growing this company, the ANOVOS Team has taken a multitude of advantageous and necessary steps into better serving the collector and costuming communities that we serve. Those features are outlined below:

  • Ease of Use Over Multiple Platforms

    Our new website is responsive to many different ways information is now accessed. From computer to mobile devices, 3.0 features a fluid and responsive interface for a variety of different resolutions, and getting you the information you require in order to make an informed decision on your future ANOVOS acquisition.

  •  Ticket Based Customer Support

    Given the prolific nature of spam and spam filters, sometimes important customer inquiries are mistakenly tagged and deposited into spam folders. Further, emails and threads have the possibility of getting lost, and people have to send out Search-and-Rescue parties to find information.

    This is a great concern to us, ergo the roll-out of our ticket-based customer support system. This system is online based via our website (or by sending email to support(at)ANOVOS(dot)com) and allows customers to keep track of their inquiries, as well as allows us to better delegate your needs to the proper division. 

  • Stock Tracking!

    Offerings that are pre-order only are now clearly marked with an orange "sticker" dot, while items in stock do not have this dot.

    Also, for items that we have less than 5 of, this is also noted in a blue "sticker" dot next to the picture of the product in question.

    Stock tracking is real-time, so we don't need minions to manually update people on stock levels, or answer inquiries about whether or not a product is in stock. 

  • Faster Turn Around Time for In-Stock Product

    Utilizing our new distribution center, we're able to handle products in far less time (typically under 48 hours) for shipment.

  • Gift Cards

    We now offer the ability for customers to make gift cards for friends and other officers, thereby allowing people to choose what ANOVOS item they want to purchase at a later date. Gift cards do not have hidden transaction fees, and they never expire. Further, we never penalize you for holding onto your gift card, in case you want to use it a year or so later!

And there's more to come, so stay tuned!

- The ANOVOS Team

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