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Ghostbusters Spengler Legacy | The One and Only

To our faithful fans:

As we close in on the final weeks of the Ghostbusters Spengler Legacy Proton Pack Project, we’ve certainly enjoyed managing this project from day one. We want to thank all of the steadfast fans who have waited for this collectible, and we're excited to see orders shipping out every day. After a year like 2020, this endeavor has come to symbolize more than just a normal project. 

It has been an uncertain path, but an unwavering goal for a small Texas shop that has had to deal with losses from Covid-19, uneven production lines, and an overall crazy year in general. 

This project has been both rewarding and challenging on so many levels, and we have chronicled part of this journey in “Ghostbusters Spengler Legacy : Valves and Fittings, Oh My!”

Our goal from the start has been to cut no corners and bring you the prop that we saw on our first day at the Archives. We sourced as many original parts as we could, and when not available, sought out a custom machined option. We are so proud of the final product, but we’ve come to a resound conclusion from this long journey: This will be the only production run.  

Not only was this one of the most challenging props we’ve ever assembled, we feel that what this project has endured this year has also come to symbolize a resolve far stronger than any other prop we’ve created. Thus, the Spengler Legacy Proton Pack will join the archives of one-of-a-kind, best in class collectible props found in the collections of the lucky few who were in the right place, at the right time. We have promised to bring you the most quintessential iconic Ghostbusters replica to have ever existed, and the very best ANOVOS TX has ever offered. 

To be fair to those that were expecting future waves, we have temporarily reopened reservations for this prop while supplies last. In order to be as transparent as possible, we want to be clear that very limited spots are left available. Remaining inventory is sold as a first come first serve until exhausted. This is a true opportunity within your grasp. 

Additionally, because of the escalating costs towards the end of production, we are looking at a possible price increase for the remaining inventory. If inventory lasts that long, we will make an announcement just before that change is decided. 

We cannot stress enough that once sold out, this replica will no longer be available because these molds will have been retired for good. If you wish to count yourself among the few to own this iconic ultimate collectible, Don’t Wait. 

Be sure to claim yours NOW! 

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Ghostbusters Spengler Legacy Pack | Valves and Fittings, Oh My!

Here at the opening of a new year, we draw ever closer to the end of the road on the last few Spengler Proton Packs to be released. 

Our GHOSTBUSTERS™ Spengler Legacy Proton Pack is the result of an amazing journey we undertook to replicate one of the most iconic props in film history. It was an honor to recreate this piece down to the smallest detail in true reverence to the original prop worn in the film by Harold Ramis. 

All of us at ANOVOS love Ghostbusters, and so there wasn't a corner to cut, or detail overlooked in replicating this prop as close to the original as humanly possible.

Our goal was to craft a replica so pure that it could take its place alongside some of the most iconic collectables of their time. 

Props & statues that have become "Holy Grails'' to people who missed them, and hallowed heirlooms to the lucky few in the right place and time to purchase them. The Master Replica's AT-AT, ICONS' Luke Skywalker Lightsaber, WETA's Original Balrog, Sideshow's Thanos... 

The Spengler Legacy Proton Pack belongs in such illustrious company as those amazing collectibles. It will take its place alongside them in the collections of the people here and now to obtain this once in a lifetime prop. A Proton Pack that looks as if you lifted it out of The Sony Archives, or Ecto-1 itself.

No other prop has had this level of provenance and pedigree referencing the original artifact. From our studios here in Texas - we gave this our full attention. We spared no effort in crafting our prop to the incredibly high standard we set for this - our only production run of this iconic piece. We put everything into it.

"Everything" meant finding as many as possible of the original "off the shelf" pneumatic fittings, connectors, and valves used on the original Proton Packs. 

Prop makers in that era regularly raided surplus electronics stores, aircraft boneyards, and junkyards near film studios in the early 80s. This was a pretty common practice for prop building in the years after 1977, and the stagecraft theory of a "used universe."

Among these parts and pieces were a number of pneumatic parts with a majority coming from a well known and still existing manufacturer - Clippard Instrument Laboratory, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The pieces used were:

This wonderful company is still in business today, were very friendly to work with, and thanks to a healthy & active fanbase were extremely knowledgeable about which of their products were used in the movie. 

Take a look at what Clippard has to say about their role in creating the original Proton Pack. 

Their equipment is expertly made with a combination of beautifully machined & polished metals and injection molded plastics. We were lucky enough to find this company still in existence, and that these parts were more or less the same as their 1980s predecessors. With our mantra of “No Holds Barred!”, we are proud to say that all of our Spengler Legacy Proton Packs have genuine Clippard components.

There was a point in time, about a decade ago, that 4 millimeter Legris pneumatic elbows (those grey ‘L’ looking things on the HGA, Ion Arm and Cyclotron) were fairly accessible. 

Unfortunately, the current iterations of those elbows don't come close at all to matching the originals used on the pack. Long gone are the days of seeing that particular combination of brass hex ring, grey plastic and brass coupler. Rarely they can be found, but usually only on auction for a few pieces.      

Knowing that there was no way to obtain as many as we needed we had to think of a work around. The problem though was that for our Legacy Pack, a resin casting just wouldn’t do. 

Luckily, some old friends from the early days of Ghostbuster fan forums suggested some of the more current methods of capturing the perfect “Legris'' without buying them outright. They suggested using a combination of 3D print and Clippard parts to put together one of the most convincing replicas of the 4 millimeter Legris elbow. We tested it, and it worked! 

Thus, we modeled our own version of a Legris elbow, and even included the “4” and pneumatic design on the face, and married it with one of the barb fittings from Clippard Instruments. We're pleased, and the results speak for themselves.

If the Legris elbows were difficult to find, then finding the original spec Legris banjo pneumatic tube fittings were next to impossible. 

Named for their somewhat banjo shaped cross section, the “Banjo Tips” are the two brass rectangular blocks with circular flanges that affix to the end of the proton wand tip. 

Once again obtainable only via auction sites, these unique items weren’t a reality from the start but luckily, were easy enough to have machined from solid brass. After purchasing an original at auction, we eagerly took this piece (mind you in a very special case wrapped in a very special blanket...because it was that rare) to the machine shop to be replicated. The absolute beauty of the final metal piece only reinforced our belief that it could never have been cast in plastic, but had to be machined.  

If you missed your chance to grab this iconic once in a lifetime offer, there may be another final opportunity for you to join in Coming Soon! 

Sign Up Now and gain First Access when available again!


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DISCOVERY Uniforms | Quality at its Finest

Quality at its Finest 

It has now been close to a year since we officially shifted our Star Trek: Discovery Uniform product to our stateside facility in Texas. Due to the pandemic and overseas trade grinding to a halt, we had no choice but to take the product into our own hands. Even more challenging was the fact that we had to re-source everything from local vendors. Effectively restarting the whole project from scratch - despite charting out countless hours & effort in establishing our overseas manufacturing process. 

Now that shipping has begun, it's time to take a small breath and reflect. To us here in Texas, this product has meant so much more than any other ANOVOS product. This, and a few other projects, represent a sort of "Anti-2020." Despite the pandemic, and all the other things that 2020 ended up costing all of us - the Discovery uniform stood testament to what we were never going to give up: Quality. 

Having seen every Star Trek product we’ve produced, I can say with confidence this is one of our finest, if not THE finest (alongside the wool elastique Wrath of Khan Monster Maroon) uniform this company has ever produced! From the asymmetrical zipper to the metallic elements - the complexity of this replica is unparalleled. And most importantly, the customer reviews that we have received have been truly inspiring to all of us here at ANOVOS - especially our Texas Team who produced it! This is the story of how we got here :

Pattern and Research:

It all started in the very cold city of Toronto (pre-Covid of course) where we met with Gersha Phillips and the talented team responsible for costume design for Star Trek: Discovery. The team explained every detail of their suits and immediately outlined what to watch out for in the manufacturing process. We didn’t realize it at the time, but this info would be priceless. From there, we scanned in the official patterns used on the show, both male and female. What struck us immediately was that the organic shapes of the patterns were not your standard cuts and curves. Yet somehow, this costume design team had created a beautifully cohesive outfit, something that no amount of pictures or reference could have ever gleaned. Rest assured, there is no replica ever closer than this costume, simply because of these organic shapes.

Print Pattern and “Puff”:

One of the major warnings that we received from the team was about finding a patient screen printer. We were curious as to what this meant and, sure enough, we soon found out. After approaching no less than twenty local screen printers all over Texas, the one that stuck by us and ultimately discovered the perfect mix of paint, metallics, and “puff” additive was literally our neighbors, a five minute walk away. After a seemingly endless combination of different variables, we landed on our final combination...but would it stand up to the final test of cleaning (machine washing, no less)? To our surprise and relief, it passed with no signs of cracking in the printed deltas & stripes and just as importantly no fabric shrinkage.

Zippers...who knew?!

The last hurdle we were warned about were the zippers. Zippers...really? How hard could it be? Yeah, it turned out to be one of the most challenging endeavors of the production. The original zippers used on the costumes were both cost prohibitive and not accessible, and we needed to find a method that matched our delta’s while withstanding wear and tear. After numerous aggravating failures, and in the literal last minute before shipment, we put together a formula that combined a basic screen printed vinyl, adhesives and steady hand cutting (literally, with a razor) that yielded the best looking and most durable zipper ever installed in our uniforms.



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Celebrating STAR TREK's 800th Episode

STAR TREK Celebrates its 800th Episode!

I hope you & yours are having an awesome extended celebration as we all watch 2020 (reverse angle on viewscreen) slide further into our past.

In the present - with the New Year’s eve episode of Discovery, Star Trek Celebrates its 800th filmed story.

Fifty four years, ten series, and thirteen movies. Not bad for a series left for dead in 1969! Cause for celebration, and Star Trek has had its fair share of celebrations both large & small.

I like remembering those now as we pass this amazing milestone. 

Just a few fun memories from my favorite show in this or any other universe as we celebrate Star Trek and our own past, present, and future.

Happy New Year, LLAP, and
Congrats to Star Trek on its 800th Episode! 


John Cooley

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS. 



Celebrating Star Trek: The Next Generation's 30th Anniversary, the ANOVOS Star Trek design team has decided to re-release Captain Picard's Uniform Jacket, but with its original iteration as introduced in the fifth season episode, "Darmok." 


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We're almost there, just another little bit of '20 left now. 2021 will be a fantastic new beginning for all of us. You, me, and ANOVOS too. It's a time when we can all make something new. We can refresh, revive, change, alter, and invent.

That's precisely what we've done with our uniforms from Star Trek: Discovery, which have been shipping even over the holidays. 

We spent years in the development of these ensembles in order to create something no one else has. A visually stage accurate replica of the uniforms that Discovery Costume Designer Gersha Phillips developed for the show - that's also durable enough to wear everyday!

In the past, our mandated mission was to simply duplicate as closely as possible an original, stage worn costume. That’s a challenge to begin with. Duplicating something so specific, and so intricate - is an art form unto itself. 

The Starfleet Uniforms worn in Discovery occupy a whole new level of difficulty (beyond even the vaunted Monster Maroon uniforms worn in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). Gersha and her team worked hard to design and make clothes that were fresh and modern enough for a 21st century interpretation of the 23rd.

At the ANOVOS convention booth with Star Trek: Discovery Propmaster Mario Moreira & Costume Designer Gersha Phillips. 

While Gersha’s costumes look fantastic aboard the U.S.S. DISCOVERY (both NCC-1031 & NCC-1031-A), ours's had to look the part while surviving the wear and tear of normal use by fans, cosplayers, and collectors. 

That meant a considerable amount of re-engineering to create something that looks amazing whenever you need it to, and without a live-in TV wardrobe technician to help maintain your outfit. 

Where the Discovery wardrobe team innovated, and experimented with new methods and materials - so did we when making our replicas of their uniforms. 

The result is spectacular! 

Outfits that look every bit like they've stepped off the soundstage, but with a higher level of wearability. 

Wearability you're going to need in this new year whether you're exploring some strange new world, the exhibit hall at a convention, or trying to herd some cats.

Happy New Year & Live Long & Prosper, 



John Cooley

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.

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Premium Fabrics

Fabric is 90% athletic spandex with 10% specialty contrast spandex fabric for channel stitching, dyed to match production colors.

Matched to Screen Used

Raised rubberized Delta print for tunic & pant inset detail panels is custom made. 

Comfortable and Washable

Hook & bar attachment points to secure tunic to pant for optimal fit. 

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Jean Luc Picard in Green!

The Next Generation


It's no secret to long time readers of this blog that I love the color green. 

And if you really watch Star Trek: The Next Generation for any length of time you might notice a distinct lack of that color in the show. The interior of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-D doesn't use very much of that color, and most of the crew wear Command Burgundy, or Operations Gold. 

Oh, you see it now and then down in Sickbay, and there's a few Science department people flitting to and for as they attend to their duties around the ship. But, these folks are normally junior officers wearing the one piece jumpsuit variant of the uniform. 

In the seven years of TNG, we only ever see two actual teal colored Senior Officer Tunics. 

 The first Science Tunic we see of course is on the imaginary Dr. Quaice in the fifth season episode, "Remember Me." Ironically, an episode I only remember because it has this rare uniform.

On the other hand, one of my absolute favorite episodes is "Tapestry," in which Q gives our Captain a look at a life lived less boldly. The result is a sad lower decks junior officer named Lieutenant Junior Grade Jean-Luc Picard. An assistant astrophysics officer assigned to menial tasks with no hope for promotion, and even less of a chance to be happy in that life.  

It's a fun episode, but as a costumer (one particularly fascinated with both Starfleet Uniforms & all the various shades of green in the world) I really enjoy it. It's not only a chance to see (finally) a proper, men's Science Department Tunic. It's a chance to see my favorite character in a new uniform.

It's beyond cool. 

Even if Jean-Luc himself isn't sure about his status, I dig his duds. 

I look at this tunic as something special to add to my collection (and I intend to). 

It was worn by my favorite TNG character in an important episode, and it just happens to be a distinctive shade of my favorite color. 

A weird shade at that which seems to change its appearance with the lighting that surrounds it.  


Sign Up NOW and Receive 
FIRST ACCESS when this tunic becomes available for order. Don't Miss Out!


It's a fun episode, but as a costumer (one particularly fascinated with both Starfleet Uniforms & all the various shades of green in the world) I really enjoy it. 

It's not only a chance to see (finally) a proper, men's Science Department Tunic. It's a chance to see my favorite character in a new uniform.

John Cooley 

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS. .

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A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you! 

I can go back through the logbook of my life and find mementos I've collected along the way. Like pins in a map, they mark the course I've followed from then to now. Tiny pieces of me I suppose, from all over my personal timeline. Here's two pieces that are about thirty Christmases apart.

The brighter red command tunic on the left there belonged to "Ens. John Cooley," and was a sort of early Christmas present from Dad in 1990. It was the new design of the officer’s uniform from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and my Dad purchased it from a table at a Convention in November of that year. 

It quickly became one of my favorite gifts ever. I mean, obviously, I still have it all these years (and sizes) later. Back in '90, it looked fantastic. Oh, maybe it's particular shade of red was a touch too tomato-like. Still...nothing's perfect, but this shirt was fun! It's com-badge was obtained on the same day - one of the spin cast metal TNG badges so common at conventions in the late Eighties/early Nineties. 

I wore that tunic whenever I could, conventions, costume day at school...really. Yeah, how many of you out there are THAT brave? No? Alright.  Anyway it was fun to wear, and when it just wouldn't fit anymore it was carefully stowed away in my archive.

To the right of that 90's era tunic under my tree is one of our contemporary TNG Command tunics. 

It's a different, and far more stage accurate interpretation of the Starfleet Uniform than my thirty year old original, but it's been just as endlessly fun. 

I've lived, worked, and played in that new tunic just as hard as my old shirt. And when it arrived, just like the original - I gleefully tore it from its packaging like a kid opening a present.

The 2020 Holiday Season is a bit different from the one that shirt came from - for all of us. 

Most of us will be in our individual homes, our extended family & friends safe in theirs too. Festive gatherings will happen, but in the myriad of ways our modern world has given us to communicate and share each other. 

It's a technologically interconnected world that Gene Roddenberry would absolutely have recognized as one he anticipated, and through his stories - prepared us for. 

We'll 'Hangout' with our co-workers, 'Zoom' with friends, and we'll 'Facetime' our family. And hopefully for all of us - all will be well.

"I don't pretend to tell you how to find happiness and love when every day is just a struggle to survive, but I do insist that you do survive, because the days and the years ahead are worth living for. One day soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies, maybe even the atom. Energies that could ultimately hurl us to other worlds in some sort of spaceship. And the men that reach out into space will be able to find ways to feed the hungry millions of the world and to cure their diseases. They will be able to find a way to give each man hope and a common future, and those are the days worth living for." 

~ Edith Keeler in "The City On The Edge of Forever" from Star Trek. 

Script by Gene Roddenberry from a story by Harlan Ellison

From all of us here at ANOVOS -

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Live Long & Prosper! 


John Cooley

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.


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My Holiday Picardigan

My Holiday Picard-igan

I love this time of year. I actually prefer fall and winter clothing. 

Sweaters and Jackets fit for the cold.
Scarves, hats, and gloves, 'cause I'm gettin' old.
Fireplace heat, Shakspeare plays, and tea.

These are a few of my favorite things. 

Sorry. That sentence got away from me, and what are you gonna do, it's the holidays. It's true though. This is my time of year, when I can break out all my favorite things and wear them whenever I want.

I went Christmas shopping last night and it was chilly. The malls out here in the west are outdoors, and with the wind a hoodie just won't do anymore. It can feel as cold as space itself. 

So it was time for what's become one of my favorite pieces from all the jackets we've made over the years. The Jacket of Jackets, the coat of many names - Picard's Casual Uniform Jacket, The PNNUJ, The Picardigan itself...Captain Picard's "Darmok" Uniform Jacket!   

It's just rad. 

I rock this thing wherever I can, whenever I can. I usually toss a gray t-shirt weight hoodie underneath it, and head out. 

And before anybody asks, yes...Com-badge and all. It's already so recognizable, what difference is a badge going to make? Besides, I'm too proud of a Trekkie to ever wear any Starfleet uniform item without its proper insignia.

The reason I think anyone can pull this thing off anywhere they go is because it's a carbon copy of the original, which was instantly cool the moment it first showed up in Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

I may have mentioned before that during the first commercial break in "Darmok" my best friend and I called each other and simultaneously shouted "Did you see Picard's Jacket!?" It was then that the mystique of this jacket was born, and it gained the first of its many names - "Picard's Nifty New Uniform Jacket," or simply the "PNNUJ." 

The one I'm wearing this moment is warm, leather suede with even the bottom closures found on the original jacket. It feels like a jacket worthy of the Captain of the Enterprise-D, the Federation's flagship.   

It looked fantastic on Sir Patrick and while I may not have the good captain's physique, I can still wear his jacket. 

And right now I wear it anytime I want without having to face down The Beast at El-Adrel (just try not to spill your Earl Grey tea, it is suede after all). 

It's ready for any adventure you can throw at it whether that's making first contact, or facing the dangers of last minute holiday shopping.

For this holiday season, I wanted to share a special gift. If you'd like to pick up your own Picardigan, here's a discount from me. 

Just use coupon code "johnsfavoritejacket" at checkout to receive my special holiday offer.

From myself, and all of us here at ANOVOS...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Live Long & Prosper!



John Cooley

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.

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30th Anniversary of the Classic TNG Tunic

So here we are in December at last.
A new year around the corner, and a chance to look back.

We Trekkies are fond of anniversaries, and as costumers an important one just passed us by. Thirty years ago STAR TREK: The Next Generation debuted the ninth episode of it's third season - "The Vengeance Factor," and with it came the final design of TNG's Standard Duty Uniform which now celebrates its 30th Anniversary!

The fall of 1990 saw The Next Generation finally hit its stride, and the next few seasons would be some of the best in the entire franchise. 

From "Encounter at Farpoint'' three years earlier, to "The Price" - the uniforms for the crew of the Enterprise-D kept evolving. Starting with original costume designer, William Ware Theiss, continuing with 2nd season designer Durinda Rice Wood, and finally with costumer Robert Blackman - the costumes changed considerably. 

Captain Picard and his crew began their trek through the galaxy in jumbo spandex "spacesuits'' (as the cast called their uniforms), but quickly discovered that they were just not comfortable over the course of long days shooting the series. 

In season two, Durinda Wood started the search for a solution to the numerous problems the one piece uniforms presented the crew, but concocting a new design eventually fell under the direction of season three's new designer. 

In the run-up to shooting the new season, Bob Blackman hit upon a two piece men's ensemble made of wool, and consisting of a pair of pants with a cropped, military style jacket. But the uniform wasn't finished evolving.

Outfitting the entire cast of a show with new costumes is an enormous expense for any production, let alone one already as costly as Star Trek. The uniforms were rolled out in phases determined by one's position on the call sheet. 

Thus Patrick Stewart always got the latest iteration first (along with Jonathan Frakes). A couple of episodes later, Brent & LeVar, and so on. 

The first version of these new uniforms were very heavily structured. With prominent dual seams running down the chest (think State Trooper and you know the style), and a couple of heavy darts on the upper abdomen. These details and others began to disappear starting with Captain Picard over the first handful of episodes until we reached episode nine. 

With "The Vengeance Factor" the final form of the TNG Standard Uniform had arrived. It was finally comfortable (I mean, "The Picard Maneuver" wasn't just for show), and looked fantastic!

The Next Generation Tunics have RETURNED!

Sign Up Now for FIRST ACCESS to these Iconic Captain Picard Tunics. 


This time marks the anniversary of those uniforms, and they've been a favorite of mine for the majority of my life. I've made them, worn them, sold them, and even had a chance to meet their designer. 

They define the 'The Next Generation' era of Star Trek  in a way no other 24th Century uniforms have. Don't believe me? They just returned (with just a few minor changes) in the new show STAR TREK: Lower Decks.

So Happy 30th Anniversary to Next Gen’s Standard Duty Uniform! Long may it reign!


John Cooley

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.

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In Review | Discovery S3E3 "Children of Earth"

"This ship bears the name Discovery. Never has that been more fitting, or more prescient. She has carried us into the future, and it will be our privilege to make that future bright. Let us begin. Together." - Captain Saru of the U.S.S. DISCOVERY

Ten weeks to go in the Twenty Three Weeks of Star Trek, and the adventure just keeps getting more intense, and more fun! Oh, there may be SPOILERS here, but then you've already seen up to this point, right?

Finally! Discovery has her commanding officer, and of course it's Captain Saru! I've actually been waiting for Doug Jones to sit down in that captain's chair for a while now, and while Discovery may have another captain in its future, for now Saru is the best Kelpian for the job.

Last week's episode "Children of Earth" also brought us viewscreen-to-viewscreen with what our world looks like in 3189. And it's weird.

Having seceded from the United Federation of Planets after The Burn, Earth is an isolated planet. Insular, and shielded from any who might prey upon it. It's a huge departure from the founding member & powerful capital world of the Federation.

On arrival the Discovery finds the EDF (Earth Defence Force) protecting the planet, and they mean business. Jonathan Frakes does an exceptional job depicting the concern and near paranoia of the EDF's officers, and how that contrasts against our ship full of Starfleet officers.

I'm having so much fun with Discovery's new season. The story playing out here is turning into one of my favorites in the entire franchise, and I can't wait to visit Trill in this week's "Forget Me Not." 


John Cooley

John is a writer based in Las Vegas, and a product developer for ANOVOS.


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