Star Wars™: Empire Strikes Back Han Solo "Bespin" Clothing Replica Ensemble - Premier Line - (PRE-ORDER)

$ 1,200.00

Vendor: Anovos

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"Scruffy looking" has been redefined with the Premier Star Wars™: The Empire Strikes Back Han Solo "Bespin" Clothing Replica Ensemble. 

Replicated from the definitive Han Solo costume from The Empire Strikes Back, this Premier Line release is the result of intense and thorough research & development from ANOVOS's design team. Intense study of original screen-used costumes, hundreds of photographs, and some of the surviving actual paper patterns used to make Han's outfit -- provided by LucasFilm Archives -- aided us in making this detailed costume. For the Premier Line uniforms, the outfit's fabrics are painstakingly recreated to capture the correct weight and weave from the originals so that you, too, can be the most dashing guy, or gal, in our galaxy.

Han Solo's belt and holster rig is offered as a separate piece, click here to pre-order.
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Sizing Guide

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Arm Length
Hip Pant Inseam
Extra Small
32"-34" 30" 24"-26" 30"-32" 31"
36"-38" 31" 28"-30" 34"-36" 32"
40"-42" 32" 32"-34" 38"-40" 34"
44"-46" 33" 36"-38" 42-44" 34"
Extra Large
48"-50" 34" 42"-44" 46-48" 35"
52"-54" 35" 46"-48" 50-52" 35"


Han Solo Jacket Details

  • Custom milled, 100% wool from finely worsted thread.
  • Outer shell color digitally color-matched to original jacket's heathered dark blue.
  • Correct front and back gusseted pocket construction.
  • Fully lined interior in dark gray mirroring construction of the original.
  • Built-in shoulder pads. 

Han Solo Shirt Details

  • Shell constructed of 100% light-weight wool flannel, detail accurate to the original piece referenced at LucasFilm Archive.
  • Off-white coloring, matched to screen-used piece.
  • Uses a combination of original patterns and screen-used shirt to capture complete accuracy of final product.
  • Open panelling and clear snaps, mirroring original construction and fastening methods.

Han Solo Pant Details

  • Shell constructed of heavy duty 45% wool, 55% polyester gabardine, matched to style of the original pant.
  • Uses a combination of original patterns and screen-used pants to capture complete accuracy of final product.
  • Belt loops for distinctive Han Solo pant belt.
  • “Blood stripe” duplicates complex asymmetric offset pattern, referenced directly from screen-used pants and recreated by ANOVOS's design team.

Han Solo Pant Belt Details

  • Genuine Leather belt handcrafted in the U.S.A. using patterns from original screen-used piece via LucasFilm archives.
  • Brown dyed leather features black painted surface, replicating original finish of pant belt that results in weathered look when worn.
  • Distinctive three-hole row pattern and edge saddle grove details duplicating original belt.
  • Black-painted two-prong roller buckle mirroring original screen-used piece.  
  • Pant belt available in three sizes: Small/Medium, Large/XL, and XL/2XL. 

Tiered Pricing Details

    Initial Offering Price

    • Remaining outfits are pre-ordered at $1,200.00 USD, the final MSRP for this outfit may vary. 

    Who is this scruffy looking nerf herder...? 

    A former smuggler and space pirate, Han Solo is the rugged, devil-may-care captain of the Millennium Falcon. Fast thinking and quick with a blaster, Han is noted for his narrow escapes from dangerous situations, many of which are the result of his own brash and arrogant behavior. His skill with a blaster and uncanny luck are equaled only by his extraordinary piloting abilities. After winning theFalcon from fellow gambler and friend Lando Calrissian, Han extensively modified his ship to become one of the fastest space vessels in the galaxy. For this reason, he is hired to transport Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi and young Luke Skywalker on a mission that will forever alter Han’s roguish course. After helping to rescue the Rebel leader Princess Leia from the clutches of the evil Empire, the often charming yet insufferable pilot wins the heart of the beautiful Princess, and in her cause, finds a focus for his flyboy talents. No longer a reckless vagrant, Han Solo is a general in the Rebel Alliance and is recognized as one of its most deserving and courageous heroes.

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