Star Wars™ - Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues from "Empire Strikes Back" (PRE-ORDER)

$ 450.00

Vendor: Anovos

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Three years have passed since Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin. A farm boy no longer, Luke has become “Rogue Leader” – a Commander and pilot in the Rebel Alliance. Long gone are the dusty robes worn as a moisture farmer, and Luke now wears the uniform fatigues of a Rebel leader.  

The main costume of our hero in Star Wars™ Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker’s Two Piece “Bespin” Fatigues is a uniform piece ANOVOS is both excited and proud to offer for the first time.

One of the few costumes from The Empire Strikes Back still residing in archives, extensive measurements, digital Pantone color samples and physical patterns were taken directly off the original screen used outfit.

Surprisingly complex, we’ve recreated every detail possible from the convex bends of the lapels to stitch-for-stitch specific collar detailing. All of these details and more come together to create the most accurate replica of a Luke Skywalker’s Bespin Fatigues ever offered by a licensed entity.

Shipping updates available via our Star Wars™ Product Updates page. 

Luke Skywalker's belt and holster rig will be offered as a separate piece in Spring 2015.

Sizing Guide

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Arm Length
Pant Inseam
Extra Small
32"-34" 30" 24"-26" 31"
36"-38" 31" 28"-30" 32"
40"-42" 32" 32"-34" 34"
44"-46" 33" 36"-38" 34"
Extra Large
48"-50" 34" 42"-44" 35"
52"-54" 35" 46"-48" 35"

Please note that the Waist measurement is used for both the jacket and pant, due to its unique design. Do not reference the "pant waist" measurement indicated on the sizing guide. Instead reference the "waist" measurement. 

Fabric Details

  • Pieces utilize replicated poly-cotton twill fabric, the same material as used on the original.
  • Fabric custom dyed to exacting color, using digitally matched pantone from screen-used costume. 
  • Patterned directly from screen-used jacket and pant, as used in Star Wars™ Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.


  • Pockets matched to originals in size and scale to the original uniform.
  • Inclusion of complex system of padding/facing/interface extending through jacket to create the military-style framing of the jacket.
  • Shorter cut jacket hem, replicating the original look.
  • High-waist pants utilizing additional suspension system to ensure proper look and placement at all times replicating the look of the pants “behind the scenes” during rehearsals for the climatic Lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on Bespin.
  • Jacket utilizes buttons for closure, with button holes hidden like original.
  • High waisted pant utilizes a full length zipper, hidden using a zipper flap. 

Archived Tiered Pricing Details


  • First ninety (90) outfits are pre-ordered at $340.00 USD. That's a savings of 25% off the final retail price of $450.00 USD!


  • Second batch of one-hundred (100) outfits are pre-ordered at $380.00 USD. That's a savings of 15% off the final retail price of $450.00 USD!


  • Third batch of one-hundred (100) outfits are pre-ordered at $405.00 USD.  That's a savings of 10% off the final retail price of $450.00 USD!

Tier 4

  • Remaining outfits are pre-ordered at $450.00 USD, the final MSRP for this outfit.

Pre-Order Information

  • Shipping Estimate
    Estimated time to order fulfillment: Spring 2015.

    Further updates shall be made available on our Star Wars™ Product Update page.

  • Shipping and Handling
    The shipping and handling for this item is also collected at the time of pre-order. Shipping time frame given is an estimate only and is subject to change for any reason.

  • Please have your measurements taken properly by a professional tailor
    Refer to the sizing and measurement guide to provide the correct measurements for yourself. You are responsible for the quality of measurements provided above. This is NOT a custom made piece. ANOVOS will assign sizing (S, M, L, XL, 2XL) comparing measurements provided against manufacturer's sizing guides. Buyer assumes full responsibility for sizes submitted for order. Sizes taken directly from commercial clothing should never be used as substitution for physical measurements. Upon submission of the order, the Buyer absolves ANOVOS of responsibility for incorrect measurements submitted. ANOVOS reserves the right for any exchanges or returns to be made at their complete discretion.